For your Personal needs

Personal Services

You don’t have to be famous or a high flying business person to need or indeed afford your own Private Personal Assistant!

Most people dream of that extra bit of support as they juggle the constant demands of everyday life and PA-Dee is delighted to be able to offer this service.  Below is a tiny selection of the things I could do to ease all those tasks and give you back one of the most valuable commodities….time!

Diary Management & Personal Administration

Whether just for yourself or as a family, diary management is a service that can help you stay organised in this busy world we live.  PA-Dee can manage your diary ensuring you are where you should be or ensuring there are no double bookings.  In addition, with diary management a natural add on is an appointment booking service also, whether a Dentist Appointment, Dinner Booking or Cinema Tickets, PA-Dee can ensure you are where you are meant to be!

Administration services offered include things like keeping your personal contacts up to date, such as your suppliers, your family and friends details  etc.  Maybe you need a filing system set up for all the household documents and contracts or possibly get some key documents into an electronic format for safe keeping.  There are many areas of the home that often need sorting into an order that is accessible and useful.  .

Travel Management

Most people are working towards that one major vacation, for some it’s a family vacation to Disneyland and others a couples retreat to somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a mountain view and hot tub.  However, it can take a lot of time to research all the options and ensure you are getting the best price, with all the facilities you want, in your ideal location.  So rather than spend hours and hours searching, just let me know your requirements and I will do all the hard work for you and then present you with a selection of options based on your budget.

You may just be looking for a last minute weekend break or complete back-packing trip, whatever your need PA-Dee can manage the whole trip not just the actual break but also travel maps, train schedules, airport information, holiday insurance and so on if required.

Home Management Services

You may have an eight bedroomed mansion or a two bedroom semi-detached both will create a workload which PA-Dee can assist with.

Staff and Service Resourcing – No matter what the size of the property you will often need to source some type of service or staff which it is the window cleaner to the gardener or maybe a local childcare service or ironing service.  It all takes time to searching through references and rates to ensure you are getting the best service and best value for money.

Utilities – The prices are constantly going up and down and often we are seeing new suppliers coming onto the market with better deals or one off deals.  There are many comparison websites but do you have time to look through all the options and ensure everything you want is included?  If not, then this is something I can do from your Gas Supplier to your Internet or Telephone Supplier.

House Equipment & Maintenance – How annoying is it when you have a pile of washing and the washing machine is refusing to work and already you are late for work.  With PA-Dee it will take just one phone call and I can be on the case. Whether it’s a broken down washing machine or the need for a new hairdryer, I can research all the options and ensure you are getting the best deal.

Event & Party Management

Social gathering can be a great way to relax and catch up with friends and family but the organisation can be a nightmare from finding the date, the venue, the food, the entertainment, the drinks, the location the list can be endless!

PA-Dee has years of experience organising events from small intimate gatherings to large themed dinner dances.   So whether you want to treat your partner to a romantic dinner and show or host a “mad” 40th birthday bash in an hotel,  I will ensure every moment is perfectly planned and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Whether a Riverboat Cruise or your own Mad Hatters Garden Tea Party, no matter what event you are planning just let me know your ideas and PA-Dee will do the rest.

Out of Hours On Call Service

This service is for those busy people or families that are always on the go and just need to have a “one phone call” service during extended hours. Whether you are out for the night and need a taxi booked or shopping in London and need to know where the nearest bank is this can be a valuable service.

Shopping & Gift Services

Christmas, Birthdays, Christenings, New Home, Engagements, Anniversaries, Get Well Soon and so the list goes on for special events that need a card or sometimes also a gift.  Ideas are sometimes the hardest thing as you scroll through the endless options.  With a few brief details I can be looking into various options and present you with a selection of ideas and ensure your selection is delivered on time either back to you or direct to your loved one.

PA-Dee also offers a service for your everyday shopping needs from looking after your weekly online grocery shop, finding that brand new gadget for your kitchen at the best price or topping up your sock drawer!