Rates & Contracts


As all clients will have different support needs each contract will be quoted based on that specific request and the tasks needed.  However, to give a guide to the approximate average rates please see below, these will vary greatly dependant on the task: 
                     Hourly Rate:    From £10
                     Daily Rate:       From £60  
                     Weekly Rate:    From £250
                     Monthly Rate:  From £1000 

As mentioned, all rates will be customised to the client, as many different options are available.  For example, if you were just looking for adhoc general support i.e. available all week but for minor requests i.e. book a table for dinner, finding out the next flight, then this would be quoted based only on that need.  

The actual rates will be based on a client by client basis and these figures are purely a guideline.


As with the rates each contract will be customised to each client but below you will find a link to an example template.